'Fire and Spirit' trailer to documentary about Jack Kamesar by Audrey Daniel

ARIA a composite of the Performances by Pons Mar

ARIA The Installation at YBCA in San Francisco

Performance of Molissa Fenley's 'Redwood Park' with music composed by Jeanrenaud

and performed by percussionists Anna Wray and Nava Dunkelman

Excerpt from 'Your Body is Not a Shark', 2013 collaboration with Cid Pearlman and Denise Leto.

Jeanrenaud on cello and William Winant on percussion.

'33&1/3'  Music by Jeanrenaud from the album Pop-Pop.  Film by Joseph Maslov!

 Playing cello at the Cyclone!

 Improvising with William Ryan Fritch.



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JJCello Email List