Multi-Media/Performance Art Works: 


'Second Time Around' with Charlie Varon and David Ford  (2016)


'Dead Reckoning' with ODC and KT Nelson  (2015)


'I Belong' with Alice Sheppard  (2014)


'Redwood Park' with Molissa Fenley, Oakland Ballet, Anna Wary and Nava Dunkelman (2013)


'Your Body is Not a Shark' with Cid Pearlman, Denise Leto and Cadenza  (2013)


'ODD' with Axis Dance Company, Shinichi Iova-Koga and Dohee Lee  (2010)


‘ARIA’ with Alessandro Moruzzi (2008)


‘Humansville’ with Joe Goode Performance Group (2007)


‘Savior Vivre’ with Austin Ballet and Sonya Delwaide (2006)


‘Terre Brune’ with AXIS Dance Company and Sonya Delwaide (2005)


‘Strange Toys’ with Cid Pearlman (2004)


‘Estuary’ with Rebecca Haseltine & Barbara Klutinis (2004)


'small variations' with Cid Pearlman  (2003)


‘In Between’ with Tom Bonauro (2003)


‘Be With’ with Eiko and Koma’ (2002)


‘Ice Cello’ with Alessandro Moruzzi, Greg Kuhn, Daniel Collard  (2001)


‘Metamorphosis’ with Alessandro Moruzzi  (2000-01)


Film Scores:


'Fixed' by Regan Pretlow Brashear  (2015)


'Fire and Spirit' by Audrey Daniel  (2014)


'Goodbye Gauley Mountain' by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle  (2013)


'Chrysopylae' by Doug Hall with Jim Magee and Jeremiah Moore  (2012)


'Born This Way' by Deb Tullmann  (2012)


JJ Compositions for Other Performers:


'Larry!' for Kronos Quartet and pre-recorded voices  (2014)


'Up & Away' for  Stern Trio  (2014)


'Redwood Park' for Anna Wray and Nava Dunkelman  (2013)


'Bar Hopping' with Paul deJong  (2012)


'Falling Water' for Del Sol Quartet  (2010)


'Empty Infinity' for Cornelius Dufallo  (2010)


'Hoppin' John' for Estamos Ensemble  (2010)


Compositions written for JJ:


Cowart, Steed                        Muscadines                                    (2009)

                                              Cello and percussion


Curran, Alvin                         May I Now                                      (2000)

                                              Cello, percussion, guitar and piano


                                            Passing Notes                               (2006)         

                                              Cello and percussion


Davis, Anthony                      Blue Funk into Darkness                  (2000)

                                              Cello and electro-acoustic band


deAlvear, Maria                     Gran Sol                                          (2005)                                              

                                             Cello and vocals


Dresher, Paul                         Unequal Distemperament                            (2001)

                                               Cello and electro-acoustic band


Ergun, Cenk                           Cello Peace                                                (2002)

                                               Cello and 3 pre-recorded celli


Frith, Fred                              Save As  (2003)

                                               Cello and percussion


Gosfield, Annie                       The Harmony of the Body Machine               (2003)

                                               Cello and heavy machinery sounds


Grey, Mark                             Blood Red                                                  (2000)

                                               Cello and computer


                                            Through the Sands of Time                            (2001)

                                              Cello and computer        



Kleier, Roger                          What is the Price of Iron                               (2004)

                                              Cello and tape


Mackey, Steve                       Cairn                                                            (1994)

                                              Cello and looper



Mathieu, Allaudin                   Sea Change                                                  (2000)

                                              Cello and pre-recorded celli


                                            Harmonika                                                    (2001)

                                              Cello and viola


Ochs, Larry                            Heart of the Matter                                       (2000)

                                              Cello, koto and saxophone         


                                             Mystery Street                                             (2001)

                                              Cello, koto and saxophone


                                              Fly, Fly, Fly                                                  (2002)

                                                Cello, koto, saxophone


Ostertag, Bob                         Desert Boy on a Stick                                    (2003)

                                               Cello and spoken word


Phan, P.Q.                               Longing                                                       (2002)

                                               Cello and viola


Riley, Terry                            Bruce's Traveling Machine                               (2003)

                                              Solo cello


Tanaka, Karen                       Urban Prayer                                                  (2004)

                                             Cello and orchestra 


Volans, Kevin                        Concerto for Solo Cello                                    (1999)

                                             Solo cello

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