The All Joan Show

The All Joan Show is a celebration of the pieces Joan Jeanrenaud has made in collaboration with choreographer Cid Pearlman.

The concert features three works from the Cid Pearlman Performance repertoire: 'Strange Toys' (2004), 'small variations' (2006) and excerpts from 'Your Body is Not a Shark' (2013).

Performances are in San Francisco September 21-22, 8:00pm at the Joe Goode Annex and in Santa Cruz October 19-21, 8:00pm at Motion Pacific.

In Santa Cruz a new work, 'Wasps & Ladybugs' will have its premiere.

All compositions are from Joan's recordings and will not be performed live.

About Cid Pearlman Performance:

Inspired by the resilience, fragility and resourcefulness of the human body, CPP makes dances about how we negotiate being together in a complex world.

Dancers/collaborators are Lisa Brenner, Julia Daniel, David King, Collette Kollewe, Mara Milam, Lyndia McGauhey, Chloe Rosen, Cynthia Strauss, Kathryn Trigg

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