Deconet Records announces
the CD and digital release of


A Duet for Cello and Storyteller

featuring Joan Jeanrenaud and Charlie Varon


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (15 September, 2016) –  Renowned cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, a 20-year member of the Kronos Quartet, and award-winning performer/writer Charlie Varon, announce the release of their collaborative work, SECOND TIME AROUND, available on CD and as digital download.

            SECOND TIME AROUND is a unique listening experience: a fully-scored duet for cello and storyteller, a melding of music and literary fiction. The work was adapted from Varon’s fictional short story “Interview,” about a 92-year World War II veteran and the teenager who comes to videotape him for a him for a school history project. Jeanrenaud, Varon, and their collaborator/director, David Ford, spent eight months on the project, with Jeanrenaud herself spending over a hundred hours composing and refining the score. Jeanrenaud’s score grows out of her experience on the forefront of contemporary classical music, drawing a full range of expressive possibilities from her instrument.


            Just over an hour in length, SECOND TIME AROUND was first performed on stage, at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco, where it played to sold-out houses and critical acclaim. Reviewing the stage version of the piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, Robert Hurwitt wrote:

“The storyteller is a master of the craft, subsuming himself in the persona of his protagonist; switching pace, tone and character as the tale demands; building his narrative with canny twists and mounting intensity. The cello sets the tone; weaves in and around the story; illustrates, comments upon and supports it; and, when heightened emotion is called for, ventures where the actor dare not go. It’s two storytellers for the price of one.”


Joan Jeanrenaud is a cellist, composer, arranger, and improviser. She was the cellist of the Kronos Quartet for 20 years. Her workwith Kronos included more than 30 recordings and over 2000 performances that took her to virtually every major concert hall worldwide. During those years the group became, in the words of The New York Times critic John Rockwell, “the world’s best known, most innovative contemporary-music quartet.” Jeanrenaud’s cello is a Deconet, ca. 1750. A copy of that cello was carved out of ice and played with “bows” made of saws, barbed wire and sandpaper in her four-hour performance piece Ice Cello, an adaptation of Charlotte Moorman's Ice Music for London. Her solo CDs include Visual Music, Pop-Pop, Strange Toys (“Haunting and compelling” – The New York Times) and Metamorphosis. She has also recorded with dozens of other artists, and performed on many film scores.


Charlie Varon has been credited with “redefining the medium” of solo performance (SF Chronicle). His hit shows at The Marsh have included Rabbi Sam, Rush Limbaugh in Night School, The People’s Violin and the recent Feisty Old Jew, which ran for over a year at The Marsh. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and other publications.


David Ford (director) has been collaborating on new and unusual theatre for three decades and has been associated with The Marsh for most of that time. Rarely a week goes by when residents of the Bay Area cannot enjoy one of his productions. 

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