Second Time Around

A unique listening experience: a fully-scored duet for cello and storyteller, a melding of music and literary fiction

Visual Music

A follow up album to Grammy nominated 'Strange Toys', new visually inspired compositions for cello and more cello featuring cellist Jeanrenaud with guest artists PC Muñoz, William Winant and Dohee Lee


Is it pop? Is it classical? This collection of ten tunes is a collaboration between the amazing cellist composer and the hip beat artist Muñoz that features electronic and acoustic cellos along with beats and percussion for a fun ride!

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Strange Toys

Grammy nominated solo CD by cellist, composer Jeanrenaud featuring her compositions for cellos, electronics and percussion.

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Jeanrenaud's first solo CD featuring composers Steve Mackey, Hamza El Din, Karen Tanaka, Philip Glass, Mark Grey and her own composition, 'Altar Piece'.

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Metamorphosis from New Albion

Rhymes with Silver

Written by the great American composer Lou Harrison and commissioned by Mark Morris Dance Group, this recording features Joan Jeanrenaud, cello; William Winant, percussion; Julie Steinberg, piano; David Abel, violin; Benjamin Simon, viola.

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Rhymes with Silver

The Harmony of the Body Machine

Annie Gosfield wrote this work for Jeanrenaud using heavy machinery sounds and cello and electronics.

Find it on her CD, 'Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites':


Save As

Music by Fred Frith written for and performed by Jeanrenaud and percussionist William Winant.

Find it on his CD, 'Back to Life':

Back to Life

Cello Peace

This recent release from composer Cenk Ergun features 4 cellos all played by Jeanrenaud.

Find it on his CD, 'Nana', along with another of his works for So Percussion:


Fly, Fly, Fly

This improv trio with Larry Ochs on saxophone, Miya Masaoka on koto and Jeanrenaud on cello play compositions of Ochs.  This recording is a beautiful culmination of their work together.

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For Birds, Planes & Cello

A composition by Miya Masaoka for Jeanrenaud on cello.  The cello responds to Masaoka's field recording of birds and overhead planes from a canyon in San Diego, California.

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